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Lets Go Travel

Although our areas of expertise are destination weddings, honeymoons, group travel, solo trips and cruises - our capabilities don't stop there! Lets Go Travel can help you plan the perfect retreat, foodie experience or adventure trip - can you imagine trying to do this on your own? We have a stress-free planning process and all you will have to do is count down the days to your destination vacation. 


We have experience in creating astounding packages to many destinations including the Caribbean, Hawaii, US, Canada, Mexico, the South Pacific, Thailand, Australia & Europe - but our qualifications don't stop there! We can take you on the global trip of your choice - come on, LETS GO TRAVEL! 

At Lets Go Travel, we create and execute travel itineraries that will exceed your expectations.  With 27 years of hands-on knowledge and education, Lets Go Travel guarantees a memorable trip that allows you to just relax with no worries, because we will do all the work for you!


Lets Go Travel encourages you to reach out to us. We will connect your personal budget to any worldwide destination of your choice, by offering personalized travel planning services that are customized to impress.



Your Travel Agent

Hello, I'm Karen! My introduction into the world of travel started in 1992 after the birth of my daughter. I was a stay-at-home mom working part-time at night, selling jewelry and pearls out of oysters. I enjoyed the social connection that sales offered, so I quickly excelled and as a top seller, winning a free cruise - and that cruise changed the trajectory of my life. 


I returned home on a mission to learn about becoming a travel agent, because I'd fallen in love with cruising, and the idea of traveling around the world and showing people what our world has to offer. I took the necessary steps to contact a local travel agency to learn more and a year later, after taking many online classes and receiving my CLIA certification, I started my own home-based agency, Lets Go Travel.


After years of continuing education, and organizing several trips for personal and business purposes, my experience broadened. Continuing to grow in sales, I qualified to become IATA certified and 26 years later, I am still creating itineraries and booking trips for clients from across the world. You can be confident that you will always work with me to receive the best personal service. 



When you choose to work with me to plan your vacation, I will spend time getting to know you by asking the right questions! I take pride in my diligence to learn your preferences and interests, while maximizing your budget to create the most impactful trip. My research and experience will guarantee the perfect itinerary while saving you valuable time.  

When you choose Lets Go Travel, you are allowing an expert to cultivate your wishes and make the important selections for a perfect vacation!

Karen Clarke
Independent Owner/Operator/Travel Agent

Lets Go Travel 


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Personalized, complimentary service with a focus on your lifestyle, interests and budget are always of the utmost importance when you choose to work with me!


-Karen Clarke

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